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[S1E8] Princess Prom

In both She-Ra and especially Korra, there is the lingering questions of the commoners, those who are not magical princesses or elemental benders. Both series mitigate these issues by having main characters who are non-benders, but have special technologies to equip them in a fight (Bow with his bow and other tracking/hacking tech, Korra with the character Asami and her electrifying tech and business connections). While technology is used symbolically to leverage the status of the non-magical, crucially, such technology is never widespread or made available to non-main characters.

[S1E8] Princess Prom

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Recent years have delivered an array of queer cartoons, much longed for, that have broken serious ground in how we present love, identity, gender, and sexuality to young audiences, most famously The Legend of Korra, Adventure Time, and Steven Universe. These shows not only prominently feature queer characters and relationships but actively challenge heteronormativity throughout. The very texture and rhythm of a storyline is different when you center women and queerness.

Each rebel gets a new identity to blend into the party, which is full of bounty hunters and criminals. The mastermind behind this play is Mermista, who's previously shown a fascination with role play in Season 4, Episode 7, "Mer-Mysteries," where she abandons her princess title in favor of a detective one in order to figure out who is the double agent amongst the Rebels. She takes this role seriously, treating the whole episode like a hard-boiled novel, and in "Perils of Peekablue," she is equally dedicated to her new role.

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You'd think Barbie would catch the bouquet, right? After all, she is supposed to be the quintessential princess, prom queen, Miss America, and everything in between (including, lately, an astronaut). It's shockingly not Barbie. The purple Beanie Baby, whatever creature that's supposed to be, catches it and Pikachu gets huge heart eyes.

Prom season is here! With that, comes corsages, prom gowns, and lifelong memories made with friends. How exciting!!! If you need some extra prom inspo to get you in the mood for virtual prom with your squad, check out our list of the coolest and baddest prom characters of film and TV your zodiac sign can relate to and admire.

Another Red Priestess, established in Volantis, preaches to a group of slaves and freedmen that Daenerys is their prophesied savior.[9] Kinvara, the High Priestess of the Red Temple of Volantis, is also certain that Daenerys is the one who was promised, citing her freeing of slaves and birthing of dragons from stone as evidence. She agrees to send her best priests and preachers throughout Essos, spreading the good word about the queen.[10] After Melisandre is banished from the North, she learns of Daenerys and her dragons. She comes to Dragonstone to make Daenerys aware of her destiny, and to tell her of Jon's importance as well in the coming war.[4]

The phrase "The Prince That Was Promised" is first mentioned in the second novel A Clash of Kings: at the House of the Undying, Daenerys sees a man and a woman - presumed to be her brother Rhaegar and his wife Elia Martell - speaking about a newborn baby that the woman is nursing. The man says that the baby shall be called "Aegon", and that he is "the prince that was promised".

In the fifth novel A Dance with Dragons, Barristan Selmy tells Daenerys that a woods witch, who was a friend of Jenny of Oldstones, told King Jaehaerys II Targaryen the prince that was promised would be born of the line of his children, and that prophecy made him wed his children to each other.

Luz asks for help finding the diary of the other human, and Amity says it would likely be kept in the Forbidden Stacks. Amity expresses nervousness about the idea of going in there, saying that if they get caught, she will be fired, but that she wants to help Luz anyway. Luz promises Amity that they won't get caught and holds her hands, causing them both to blush. Once inside the Forbidden Stacks, they see the master librarian shelving books, and they duck out of sight before he can see them. When he's gone, they realize how close they are and blush profusely before rolling away from each other. Amity is worried that her usually nice boss would feed her to the bookworms if they get caught. Luz comments that while she's sure bookworms on the Boiling Isles are scary monsters, it's just a cute nickname for nerds in the human world. This makes Amity blush, and she says that the human world sounds odd. Luz offers to show Amity the human world someday before saying they should probably leave the Forbidden Stacks. Instead, Amity grabs Luz and declares that they're going to find that diary.

In present time, Amity vents her frustrations to Luz, saying that she doesn't even want to join a coven anymore, even attempting to disguise the Abomaton out of embarrassment. She goes on to reveal that Alador has taken part in the Bonesborough Brawl before he joined the Abomination Coven - and all she wants is to be on common ground with her father. Luz promises to help her ditch the tryout and join the brawl, much to her surprise, stating that she always goes for the chaotic route when it comes to solving problems. If Amity wins the brawl, perhaps she can use it as a chance to tell Alador that she doesn't want to join a coven anymore. Right then, Eda and King appear at the doorway after hearing the duo talking about the Bonesborough Brawl, and Eda comments that she used to love going to those events, mentioning how great Alador was at fighting. She also says that if Amity goes to the event, she can get her Abomaton out of her house. After thinking for a bit, she decides to go, using magic to alter her voice into Alador's and ordering the Abomaton to go to the Night Market to find a rare emerald dagger. With the command, the Abomaton leaves. Amity insists that she cannot let Alador find out about her ditching the coven tryout until she wins the belt, and Luz proceeds to assure her that she has got her back.

Before the final round begins, Luz notices that Amity has gotten an injury on her knee from the match before. She remarks that it reminds her of the grudgby match with the Banshees, but Emira promptly orders her to quit talking so she can concentrate on healing. Luz apologizes, trying to think of a distraction when her phone buzzes again, and she decides to take a walk. At the entrance, she accidentally bumps into the Abomaton from earlier while looking down at her phone. Apparently, it managed to find the emerald dagger as requested, and Luz tries to stop it from walking forward, but it keeps advancing. Annoyed by this, she spawns an ice bat with an ice glyph and hits the Abomaton's head with it. However, her action causes the built-in alarm to go off. Frustrated, she proceeds to chop off the warning light bulb atop the Abomaton's head, and immediately after, Amity and Emira approach her. Luz shows them the Abomaton, and Amity asks her if she has touched it, revealing that Alador rigged it with alarms. Luz swiftly lies and denies doing so. Just then, on the stage, Warden Wrath starts spouting fire, so she and Amity head up onto the stage. Before the match can even begin, Alador arrives through the use of abomination goo and announces that Amity is forfeiting the match.

The two run to each other, very happy to see each other, and Luz promises to take her out on a real date once everything is over. Caught in the moment, Amity uses this opportunity to kiss Luz. The two get into a blushing mess with each other, after which Amity asks Luz to help her tell her parents about the draining spell.

Later, while at Hexside, Amity confidently states that no matter what happens, they will stick together, and prompts Luz to agree. Luz looks guilty and is about to confide to Amity that she is planning on leaving her and the rest of the Boiling Isles behind by staying in the human realm, before they are interrupted by a magic explosion.

The ship first began to gain momentum following the episode "Covention" as it showed there was more to Amity's character besides being antagonistic towards Willow and Luz. The ship got even more attention following the release of promo images for the episode 'Enchanting Grom Fright', a Prom-based episode that showed Luz and Amity having a moment together in a hallway while in formal wear. In the episode itself, it was revealed that Amity wanted to ask Luz out on Grom, with later episodes confirming she was crushing on her. As a result, most fanart related to them at that time tended to be associated with that episode. 041b061a72


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