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Buy Skylander Traps UPDATED

In Skylanders: Imaginators, the traps function the same way as in SuperChargers during the raceway part of the game. In the normal part of the game, they only give you 500 gold. They cannot be used in the Nintendo Switch version of Imaginators.[1]

buy skylander traps


Assuming you've started with the Starter Pack for your console of choice, you'll have a copy of the game, two new Skylanders (the crossbow-wielding crocodile Snap Shot and the little green tomato launching Food Fight) and two traps - a green life trap, and a blue water trap. While older games have been as much about collecting the figures as it is about playing the game - while it's perfectly possible to finish the game with just the two included characters, some areas are locked off, requiring certain types of characters to open - Trap Team brought with it a whole new thing for you to collect - the traps.

As the Starter Pack comes with water and life traps, that leaves some eight more you'll need to buy if you want to catch 'em all, two of which are a bit more involved than the others. And while trapping each villain is in no way essential to finishing the game, the fact each one has a little quest associated with them in the game does make you want to 'trap em all'.

First and foremost, you'll likely want to complete your collection of the eight core elements - which means nabbing yourself traps of the magic, undead, earth, fire, air and tech elements to go alongside your water and life ones.

Traps are sold separately at about 6 a pop, but your best bet, on paper, is to plump for two triple packs to get everything in one go, one containing the tech, magic and earth traps (here's a link to the pack on Amazon), and the second the remaining undead, fire and air traps (and another link to the traps on Amazon). These triple trap packs should be around 15 each - but the problem is that Trap Team traps generally seem to be rather hard to find, both in shops and online - which means you'll likely end up paying a premium. Paradoxically, at the time of writing, you're actually better off going for the individual traps from Toys R Us - for 6.99 each - rather than the two triple packs at a crazily inflated 30 each. It's also worth noting that, while there are several different designs for each elemental trap, they all work exactly the same in game, and you only really need one of each to see and do everything in game, with the additional designs only really worth it for hardcore Skylanders collectors. The traps are as follows, with postage at 4.95 for orders of less than 29.99:

Altogether, that works out at a rather pricey 41.94 for half a dozen traps - but there may be an olive branch coming at some point in the next few months, in the shape of four brand new triple packs, which should hopefully make completing the collection a little easier (and cheaper!).

Unfortunately, details as to how and when these traps will hit the shelves are yet to be revealed - and we're not even sure how many packs are coming. Some sites suggest there are four triple packs inbound, but we've only been able to find two on retailer's sites - and unfortunately, the mixture of traps doesn't look quite as convenient as the current packs.

When/if these new packs are released, you'll likely have to buy two packs and a single trap to get everything, as one pack contains the elusive Kaos trap (more on that later), which muddles things up a little bit. As such, your best bet is the air/magic/undead traps (currently listed on Smyths Toys), and the fire/Kaos/tech triple pack (also on Smyths Toys) for 15 each, plus a single earth trap for about 6, for a total of 36. The only problem is they're not listed on any other retailer as of yet, and while Smyth's toys has them on their website, they're down as TBC 2015, and as such are unbuyable at the moment. When they come out, however, this will be the cheapest way of getting all the core element traps you'll need.

There is one more way of getting all the traps on the cheap though - second hand stores. However, there is a slight downside to buying these second hand, as the traps may come with villains already on them - perhaps ones from further into the game than you are, or with their quests already completed, which may take a bit of the fun out of going and collecting them all, as it's effectively done the work for you. That said, there's nothing stopping you replaying the villain specific quests - so if you're not too bothered about that, CEX is an excellent resource for stocking up on traps, if your local store has them in stock, with prices ranging from about 3 to 6. They do have a website you can order from, but use at your own risk - everything we've ever bought from them has come wrong, and it's been a massive farce to swap.

If you've bought those two sets, you'll already have the two traps you need - but this isn't the only way you can unlock the Light and Dark elements and trap their respective villains. If you've missed out on the (now already fairly rare) packs, you can still trap light and dark villains, and unlock the light and dark doors - but its a little more complex than simply picking up one of the light and dark traps now appearing in stores outside of their expansion pack.

Unfortunately, as with everything Trap Team related at the moment, everything seems to be either out of stock, not out yet or so insanely priced it's hard to justify. The light expansion and dark expansion are both 45+ each on Amazon, while the Trap Masters, Knight Light and Knight Mare aren't out quite yet individually - although, according to Amazon, they'll hit stores at the end of the week, on the 20th March. The cheapest place for these guys seems to be Toys R Us again, where they're 14.99 each, although you will be paying 4.99 postage for orders under 29.99 - if you're not buying anything else, Amazon's slightly higher price of 16.41 may be the better option. The light/dark traps meanwhile, are simply down as TBC on Smyth's Toys website (with a price of 5.99 each), so your guess is as good as ours!

Now, that Kaos trap we mentioned earlier. Although you'll now have ten traps - one for each element - there's actually another, special trap available too, which can only be used to trap a single villain - the ultimate bad guy and recurring Skylanders antagonist, Kaos. Sort of an unofficial eleventh element, if you want to 100% the villains, you'll need to nab yourself one of these traps too - if you can find them. The regular elements are hard enough to find, but Kaos traps are basically like goldust - one currently retails for an astounding 54.99 on Amazon! If you have your heart set on capturing Kaos, you may want to hold off on completing your trap collection until the aforementioned triple trap packs with Kaos trap land, rumour has it in late March - because we sure as heck don't recommend blowing 55 on a tiny piece of plastic!

This version of the game adds a new twist to the basic toy-to-game character mechanic with the addition of a second collectible pieces, called Traptanium Crystals. These clear plastic crystals plug into a slot on the Portal of Power, and give you the ability to trap defeated villains—there are 46 in all, including series super-villain Kaos—and then use them as playable characters in the game. Just as there are lots of collectible Skylanders toys, there are lots of different crystal traps (63 in total), and each one has a different look, and is also aligned with a specific element. Each trap contains just one villain at a time, but it saves that information, so you could take your trapped character to a friend's house and use it in their game, or trade with others to get villains you haven't unlocked. New Crystals can be bought singly ($6.99) or in packs of three ($15.99).

ConclusionWhile Skylanders Trap Team will definitely appeal to anyone who has played the Skylanders games in the past (especially those who have collected any of the dozens of older character toys), there is plenty for newcomers to enjoy. The characters are fun, the crystal traps add an interesting tag-team aspect to the game, and the new toys will give collectors a whole new list of things to pursue both in and out of the game. It doesn't have the same sort of free-play options that you'll get with Disney Infinity 2.0, but the combination of toys, games, and collectibles will definitely have kids excited.

The goal of the game is to capture the villains who have escaped from jail. Long ago, Skylands was ruled by powerful villains called the Doom Raiders who hid out in the Savage Badlands and wreaked havoc over Skylands. They were eventually captured by a group of elite Skylanders called: The Trap Team and were placed in Cloudcracker Prison. Some years later, Kaos, the game's main antagonist, released The Doom Raiders and the other villains by blowing up the prison. As a result, the Trap Team were sent to earth along with crystal traps formed by a material of the prison called Traptanium. During the opening of Skylanders Academy presented by Buzz a remnant of the explosion is seen, and he goes to investigate. Buzz helps the Trap Team catch the Gluper, a giant blob monster, at Soda Springs by using its addiction to soda. Meanwhile, Kaos gathers with the Doom Raiders at his new lair but the Doom Raiders reject him without even listening to his plan due to him failing to stop the Trap Team from recapturing the Gulper. The Doom Raiders leader, The Golden Queen, lets Kaos and his troll butler Glumshanks stay only to come up with a plan of her own. The Trap Team secure intelligence about the Doom Raiders at Know-It-all Island then head to Chompy Mountain, where they battle Chompy Mage and his forces and trap him. Meanwhile, Golden Queen learns of the defeat, with Kaos deciding to take advantage of this to retake control.

As in previous games, the player controls a variety of characters by placing toy figures representing the characters onto a near field communication-enabled interface device known as the Traptanium Portal, which activates the character in the game. In Trap Team, however, a new item type has been added: the trap. Unlike the figures, which bring characters into the game, the traps can be used to store forty-seven[6] enemy characters originally found in the game (including Kaos), who may then be controlled as good characters. These stored characters can be taken to other consoles.[1] The Traptanium Portal has a speaker incorporated in its design, to emphasize the trapping mechanic.[6] When enemies are "trapped", their vocals travel from a screen to the portal.[6] Skystones Smash, a mini-game and successor to Skystones from Skylanders: Giants has been added.[6] Skystones Smash is a card game, that uses numbers and is played in a tabletop style which is also included in the game.[6] 041b061a72


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