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Firmware Huawei Bm652

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firmware huawei bm652

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the result of blank wan is invalid mac vendor address that you input for example you input setallmacaddr 308750223344 this will result for blank wan the eth1 will rename as usb0 on ifconfigthe first 6 digits is the mac vendor addressplease check the huawei mac vendor addressbefore u change your machuawei mac vendor address20:2B:C124:DB:AC28:5F:DB28:6E:D430:87:3040:4D:8E4C:1F:CC4C:54:9954:89:9854:A5:1B5C:4C:A964:16:F078:1D:BA80:FB:0684:A8:E4BC:76:70CC:96:A0F4:C7:14

Wonderfull Blog Root! I simply love it, I didn't know anyone else was interrested in these blender type boxes that huawei makes.I have two of these boxes BM 652 (the difference between the 622 and the 652 is the frequency range our country operates on 2.32.4Ghz): 1 is working well while another has the dread blank WAN (blank Wimax address) symptom. I did notice that when this happens the root certificates also dissapear (no pem files in the certificate panel). I dumped the certificates from the working and tried to upload them back into the blank WAN device but wont work. I'm wondering how to rename that USB0 in ifconfig back into eth1 to get the wan back.

wondering how to do a complete dump of the existing working firmware to put on the other box although I'm certain that's not the solution of this problem, I'm more into thinking it's a bad nand or worse yet a dead nand. anyone got the JTAG points of hits unit to parallel port?

@spectroplasm what isp use bm652 maybe i have a firmware of itblank wan cause wrong or invalid mac vendor address you inout in setallmacaddr the wimax flash is not responding u need to dump working wimax flash then flash it to ur blank wan or maybe it can be solve by firmwareive alredy tried the bm625 bm635 bm632 bm631a blankwan solve by firmware upgradethis blog help a lot im wondering why my friend rootshell not put a donation for his projects making blog its hard its time consuming

yes this is correct, bm632 and bm652 are in madagascar, the ISP is LIR (aka blueline). I've tried the setall command with a valid vendor but it wont go it says success for WAN LAN but Wimax stays blank. I have the certificate if anyone wants to decrypt it. I need a firmware though, or I'm also wondering how to get the firmware out of the working one.

Please guys if anyone have firmware for BM635 my email is [email protected] send it to me.And what will likely happen if i use another device firmware for my BM635. let say i use BM632w firmware

@knytwarrior can you please send me a firmware of bm622 and kindly please tell me how do it..coz my bm622 cant access gui and telnet after i changed mac with a wrong one... and i here read some thread about the full protection of bm622 from FD via hardware level protection its like some sort of making your flash read only!looking forward for some tutorial..regardzheres my email [email protected]

hi.. im using bm622 wimax..only the Lan LED is on.. i think the firmware is destroyed.. i need help to reinstall the firmware.. lease help.. - 1 thing.. i have huawei MAC changer and also Mac scanner for huawei wimax modems.. and im willing to share it.. when i got my bm622 back to life,,

And even if the router has auto-update, check every now and then to make sure it is actually working, and the router firmware is up-to-date. If your router manufacturer hasn't released any updates to the firmware in the past 3-5 years, consider upgrading to a "newer" router 076b4e4f54


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