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Nikifor Solovyov
Nikifor Solovyov

Wasteland Survival Cheat Engine Inf Durability

here is a tip i fine to make sure durability work: go to you workbench with any gun and try to reload if stay at 50 that mean cheat is working if go up that mean cheat no work in this case only close the game and open again, try the same to reload again into the cheat workhope this help

wasteland survival cheat engine inf durability


In a desert survival situation, you generally want to avoid combat unless absolutely necessary, because you are weak compared to a normal game in almost all relevant ways: weapons, armor, equipment, and ability to recover after death. Even when you do acquire weapons, they are likely to have limited ammunition (arrows) or limited durability.

If commands are enabled, you can use commands if you couldn't find any: /locate Temple and /locate Village, although you are playing on Survival mode, as otherwise there really isn't much point in a 'desert survival' challenge, in which case cheats are not enabled. However, if you are really stuck, you could copy your game world, recreate it as Creative, and use the /locate commands above or just fly around to locate the nearest village. 350c69d7ab


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