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When using her blue gem calamity powers, Anne has the ability to activate a super mode of sorts. When she does so, her hair, and eyes become a neon blue color and the sticks in her hair become antler-like, which have leaves growing off of them.[12]

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In "Stakeout" during her hallucination, she wore her normal clothing; however, her hair didn't have the leaves that are typically shown in the series. Instead, her hair glowed many shades of blue, purple, and pink, as her entire body, including a small twig in her hair, glowed with a blue and purple hue, which almost resembles her calamity powered hair.

Anne is also shown to have a particular desire for friends. However, Anne is also sometimes naïve, depicted in how she is easily manipulated by her human friends, so much so that she did anything to be friends with Sasha and Marcy, as she believed they wouldn't want to be friends with her if she follow through with their requests. Anne explained to Sprig the unhealthy perception that friends help each other always without objection,[48] essentially blind obedience. Through her constant interaction with Sprig, a somewhat simple-minded child, Anne is able to look at friendship in a whole new way. She begins to desire a more compassionate friendship with those close to her.

When she was in kindergarten, she and her friend Marcy Wu befriended Sasha Waybright after she (relatively) protected them from some bullies[26] and since, they grew up together. Anne was a lazy student while attending school, preferring to slack off rather than study and would often go to the mail to intercept her report card to keep her mom and dad from finding out about her bad grades.[51] Over time, her friendship with Sasha became toxic as one time Sasha encouraged Anne and Marcy to have a dance party on their school's roof and blow off a rehearsal for a medieval school play and when they were caught, Anne took the blame and said she was the mastermind and her mother and father penalized her for a month.[52] She was bullied and picked on by a girl named Maggie for her family's customs, but Sasha would stick up for Anne and thus, Anne had to rely on Sasha for protection, even when Sasha made fun of Anne's Thai heritage as well.[17]

On her 13th birthday, Sasha convinced Anne to ditch school and have fun at an arcade.[17] When Anne tried to leave in order to go to celebrate her birthday back home, Sasha strongarms her to blow it off[17] and rob a music box from a thrift store.[16] That night, when Anne, Sasha and Marcy are at the park, Anne opens the music box and they are suddenly transported away to Amphibia, a world with anthropomorphic frogs and dangerous creatures.[18][16] Anne arrives in Amphibia in the forest near Wartwood Swamp[18] where she stayed for a month[7] and was forced to live in a cave, which was very unpleasant for her, especially at night (as giant creatures tried to eat her).[53]

Since the Toad Tower event, Wartwood has been on edge since Sasha and Grime have returned. As a result, Mayor Toadstool consulted the wheel of fun to come up with a stress-relieving activity, and the outcome was a Battle of the Bands. Sasha and the Sharps, Anne, Marcy, and Sasha's previous garage band, want to regroup right away. They had various difficulties, but Sasha ultimately changed her mind and gave an incredible performance. Following the competition (which Grime won thanks to his three-hour harp solo on "The Serenity of Nature"), Anne announces that she, Marcy and Sasha are leaving for home. Anne proposes that everyone in Wartwood take a group photo, which everyone does.[60]

The music box is brought to Newtopia by the three human girls, the Plantars, Grime, and Frobo. Sprig is disappointed that the journey is finished, but Anne reminds them that they can see each other whenever they want as long as they have the music box. As soon as Anne is ready to deliver the box over to Andrias, it is forcibly taken by Sasha and Grime, who reveal their plan to take over Newtopia by imprisoning the king and signaling the concealed toad warriors. Anne is enraged that Sasha has deceived her again, and she refuses to accompany her. Sasha orders Anne, Marcy, the Plantars, Frobo, and Lady Olivia to the dungeon when she fails to discover out how to utilize the box to bring Anne back to Earth. They are rescued by General Yunan while being taken down the corridor, and they reunite in Sal's old sandwich restaurant. The gang becomes despondent when Marcy warns them that the rest of the Toad army will arrive in less than an hour, but Anne inspires them to fight back and devises a strategy. Hop Pop, Marcy, and Olivia would free Andrias from the dungeon, while Polly, Yunan, and Frobo would attack the city's toads from the front. Meanwhile, Anne and Sprig would shut the gate, preventing the toad army from entering. Sasha arrives just as they shut the gate to tell Anne about the awful secret she had discovered about King Andrias, but Anne ignores her and the two fight. Sprig beats Grime by striking him with Barrel's Warhammer, while Anne defeats Sasha by putting her own cloak over her head.[12]

When Anne presented Andrias with the box, he informed everyone there about a period when his friends abandoned him, that the music box was taken from him, and that no one remembers what Amphibia was like 1,000 years ago, but now that he has it back, he will utilize its power to return Newtopia to greatness. Andrias then revealed that his ancestors were not explorers as he had previously said, but "glorious" conquerors as he placed the music box on a pedestal to power up his castle, allowing it to fly, and then he reactivated ancient factories across Amphibia, resulting in a mechanical frog-bot military force that swarmed the castle in seconds. Andrias then revealed, to to everyone's disbelief, that he intended to follow in his ancestors' footsteps by journeying to other worlds and conquering them, beginning with the human world Earth. When Anne and Sasha informed the king they would stop him, he decided to show off his might and warning to the human girls by destroying a toad tower with his castle's gigantic energy cannon. Anne laments her failure to listen to Sasha and see what was right in front of them. Marcy stood out, claiming that this was not part of the plan he had given her, only for the gigantic newt to acknowledge that he had been lying to her all along. When Anne with Sasha demanded what Marcy and Andrias were talking about, Marcy stated that Andrias promised to bring them to other planets/worlds so they could have endless 'adventures'; when Anne questioned as to why, Andrias informed everyone that Marcy deliberately stranded them in Amphibia, leaving both Anne and Sasha stunned. Marcy said she was aware of the Calamity Box's potential and claimed that her father had accepted a new job out of state and that her family was relocating; she intended to use the box to transport the three of them to a world where they would always be together. Marcy then tried to justify her actions by reminding them of their fun adventure, how Anne and Sasha have grown as people in Amphibia, and how Anne's friendship with Sprig is all because of her, only for Anne to back away in distress and disgust, leaving Marcy on her knees crying and saying she didn't want to be alone.[12]

To her surprise, King Andrias has found her and then attacks her, her parents and the Plantars while they were on the float by throwing a giant candy cane at them. They took off, as Andrias used the robotic Santa to chase after them and destroy them. Anne, her parents, and the Plantars attempt to fight back by throwing some stuff from their float, but have no effect though the giant cookie prop did had effect on the robot. They come upon a dead end and have nothing left to fight back. Andrias informs Anne this is the end of her, even saying she's been a bad girl this year. However, they fire the tree at the robot and destroy the drone, but not before telling Andrias "Merry Christmas". Anne saw what appeared to be snow only to discover it was ash.[37]

Back at the warehouse, they open the portal only for the generator to not have enough power. To make matters worse, Mr. X and the FBI manage to track them down. Anne, who is getting better control of her powers, uses them to power the portal and unleash a giant praying mantis on the FBI while she returns to Amphibia after saying goodbye to her family. She and the Plantars are happy to be back and ready to take King Andrias down only to be shocked to find Amphibia reduced to a wasteland.[15]

She and the Plantars then return to Wartwood, only to find it in ruins but discover that the townspeople have formed a rebellion against Andrias with Sasha leading it and are using the tunnels below the Plantar Farm as their secret hideout. However, after reuniting with Anne, Sasha decides to hand command over to her, despite her reluctance. The resistance's first mission is to destroy a factory where mind control collars are being produced, but it quickly becomes apparent that Sasha is better prepared for the job than Anne who keeps making various mistakes throughout the day. They finally manage to find the factory which is surrounded by a spiky gorge. Rather than do the obvious such as using a rope to get across, Anne has everyone stack on top of each other and make a bridge. The plan fails, but Sasha uses her skills to save everyone in the nick of time. At that moment, a giant snake with a mind control collar comes up and attacks the group. Anne tries to direct their attacks, but everyone gets swallowed whole.[22]

At the Resistance Underground Base Sasha and Anne give a group of rebels (Mrs. Croaker, Wally, Maddie, Loggle and Toadie) their mission; get their stolen weapons back from a marauder's camp. With everyone getting briefed, Toadie decides to do what he always does and what's in his comfort zone and stay as the lookout, despite encouragement from other members of the squad that he is capable of so much more. Everyone are captured by the marauders, while the humans get away with ease. Anne is ready to go back and save her friends, but Sasha advises against it, knowing they can be captured as well. Sasha knows the strength of this team and suggests they just wait a bit, they'll be able to get out of the situation that they're in, suggesting that they train in the meantime. The Frogs were captured, and to their surprise, the leader of the Marauders turns out to be Barry who plans to sell the rebels to Andrias as he pays a hefty price for them and doesn't even take Crocker serious. After a while, Anne still feels all hope is lost and is ready to help her friends, fully believing Sasha sees them as only soldiers that are disposable. Finally, it comes to a head and the subtle hinting at this philosophy is fully exposed. Meanwhile, back at the camp, Toady has a revelation that he is in fact stronger than he thinks, and takes over the group and comes up with a plan to escape. Everyone has an assignment and the group makes their getaway. Outside the camp, Anne and Sasha are full blown fighting now in lieu of training, and Sasha insists that she knows what's going on. In the distance, there is an explosion with Sasha all but saying "See I told you" and running towards the camp to aid with their getaway. While the team is making their way home, Sasha reminds Anne of something that Anne once told her; that sometimes you have to stop and remember to have faith in the people around you. [61] 041b061a72


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