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[S2E14] Defense Rests \/\/FREE\\\\

Jake is really starting to like Sophia, which is nice. It's obvious there's still a part of him that will always carry a torch for Amy, but he has worked hard to maintain an adorably awkward friendship with her. However, Sophia's job as a defense attorney was in direct conflict with Jake's job as a detective.

[S2E14] Defense Rests

When Sophia admits to Jake that her boss, Jeffrey Hoytsman, is tanking her career because she's dating Jake, Jake resolves to cozy up to Hoytsman at an event full of defense attorneys. But like all of Jake's half baked plans, this goes wonderfully awry. Atlantic City was the cause of all this trouble.

Jake surmises that Hoytsman might have a gambling problem and quickly proves this theory correct. When he follows him into a restroom, he sees him with cocaine. If that weren't bad enough, Hoytsman then snorts some cocaine RIGHT IN FRONT OF Jake. Yes, a supervisor of defense attorneys just snorted coke in front of a cop. Chris Parnell plays the role to perfection and this particular scene is definitely a highlight in an otherwise weak episode.

Hoytsman: Okay, it was cocaine! Turns out I was accidentally doing some cocaine.Jake: Not on accident. You put it in your nose on purpose.Hoytsman: I don't even think I have a nose Peralta! I certainly cannot feel it. The defense rests!

The show revolves around the fictitious 99th precinct of the New York Police Department in Brooklyn and the officers and detectives that work in the precinct. In the episode, Jake's relationship with Sophia becomes distant when she asks for them to take a pause. Finding out that her boss is the reason, Jake decides to smooth the situation by bonding with him. Jake discovers Sophia's boss taking cocaine in a bathroom and arrests him. Meanwhile, Holt deals with a dilemma related to giving Wuntch a recommendation letter so she can leave the city, while Boyle tries to get Gina's blessing for his father's wedding.

Jake brings Terry (Terry Crews) as help to a charity event where Sophia's co-workers and Geoffrey are in attendance. Despite initially getting a lukewarm response, Jake and Geoffrey bond over competitive facts. However, when Jake goes to the restroom, he finds Geoffrey snorting cocaine and arrests him. An upset Sophia arrives at the precinct, planning to defend Geoffrey. After a heated argument, Sophia breaks up with Jake, citing that their occupations don't work together.

Alan Sepinwall of HitFix wrote, "Not one of their strongest episodes this season, but still plenty of laughs."[5] Andy Crump of Paste gave the episode a 7.9 and wrote, "Amazingly, 'Defense Rests' never feels overstuffed or bloated by sheer weight of material; each segment is also rife with great one-liners and visual gags, and best of all, we finally learn how tall Terry is in egg rolls. (Twenty five.) Asses are sexier than snakes, no one can savor a moment like Holt, Terry just can't read the vibe, defense attorneys are savage jerks (even when they're being nice), and the best revenge is sabotaging your enemy's auto-correct. (Wuntch to 'butt.' Sophia to 'butt.' The hilarity is endless.) And best of all, three oft-revisited narratives get pushed ahead to new places, moving Brooklyn Nine-Nine as a show ahead with them."[6]

Jake brings Terry as help to a charity event where Sophia's co-workers and Geoffrey are attending. Despite a lukewarm initial response, Jake and Geoffrey bond over competitive facts. However, when Jake goes to the restroom, he finds Geoffrey snorting cocaine and arrests him. An upset Sophia arrives at the precinct, planning to defend Geoffrey. After a heated argument, Sophia breaks up with Jake, citing that their work environment don't work together.

And so you have to remember, when you're in that jury room deliberatin' and conjugatin' the Emancipation Proclamation, [approaches and softens] does it make sense? No! Ladies and gentlemen of this supposed jury, it does not make sense! If Chewbacca lives on Endor, you must acquit! The defense rests."

Count Dooku, aboard a Munificent-class star frigate, discusses the final plans via hologram with Death Watch leader Pre Vizsla regarding Death Watch's plan to take over the neutral, peace loving world of Mandalore. He is on Concordia at the Deathwatch hideout and his men are assembling themselves to prepare for the planetary invasion. Dooku instructs Vizsla to send a Death Watch assassin to Coruscant to kill the Duchess Satine Kryze. A New Mandalorian scout is hiding in the hills, spying on the operation down below with a pair of electrobinoculars, and hurries back to report his findings to Almec in Sundari. He reports to have found the Death Watch army, which is preparing for battle. He claims the Death Watch will never have the strength required to conquer Mandalore without the people's support. To this, Almec states that if Mandalore is under the Republic's occupation, it will "turn the Death Watch from terrorists to liberators in the eyes of the people." The scout asks how to keep the Republic forces offworld, to which the Prime Minister claims that their fate rests with Satine.

In Sector GL5 of the Coruscant Underworld, Satine, now in a red hooded cloak to conceal her identity, meets with Davu Golec, a fellow Mandalorian and her contact who obtained important information from the Republic Ministry of Intelligence. He hands her a card with the full recording of Jerec's message, telling her the one shown to the Senate earlier was botched. A Death Watch assassin who had been following Golec, the same one responsible for her speeder crash, snipes him clear in the chest, killing him. The Duchess quickly pulls out her deactivator in defense, only to be mistook for a blaster by a police probes who assumes she shot Golec and mark her as a criminal. Lucky for Satine, had the probe not intervened, the assassin would have had a clear shot at her too. She flees from a pair of police droids and the probe who are soon joined by two Coruscant Guards, this whole time she is still being pursued by an assassin. After some time, she pulls out her deactivator and fires it at the probe, causing it to crash to the ground and the other law enforcers to trip over it, taking out both droids; she uses this opportunity to melt away into the crowd. Not long after, she manages to make them lose her trail.

As the decisive battle draws closer, Bon's sister, Pocoa, along with other members of the Uralis kingdom, will arrive in Renril. They will then help out the Renril soldiers prepare for the defense of the royal capital, as everything will seemingly go smoothly.

Nick spends much of the finale trying to convince everyone to leave since Marco's gang knows where they are and are coming to kill them. Without a viable defense strategy, this seems like a no-brainer. Of course, Alejandro is stubborn and Luciana nobody wants to go. Luciana says some stuff about how for almost everybody in the "Colonia" this is their first real home ever. Because, you know, in Mexico everybody is poor and they don't have homes or communities or something. It's all preposterous, and could have been handled much better -- Luciana, for instance, could have argued that it wasn't possible to move the young and elderly and sick, and she needed to stay and put up a final stand. Instead we get what we almost always get from this show: Half-baked dialogue filled with half-baked arguments that don't hold up to 10 seconds of scrutiny.

The scene opens with young women dancing on a stage doing an R & B routine. A woman stumbles from offstage. She has a pair of scissors sticking out of her chest. She collapses and one of the young dancers runs to her, her mother. Back at Jane's, she and Maura practice self-defense boxing moves. Jane thinks her dad is still in Florida and now has a girlfriend. They get called to the scene. Korsak ignores his ringing cell phone. The victim, Denise Ryan, has defensive wounds on her hands. The scissors have a ribbon on them from Sapphire Dance Studio. Jane and Korsak follow the blood trail to the dressing room. Korsak ignores his phone again. It's Melody, wanting him to co-sign a loan for her yoga studio.

In "Secret Origins," the Martian Manhunter gathers the future League to battle against an alien invasion on Earth. After the defeat of the invasion, the seven remained a team and officially formed the Justice League, dedicated to the defense of Earth against attack both within and without. To the rest of the League, Shayera was a mysterious woman with angelic wings from another world. She explained that she found herself on Earth when, while pursuing some criminals who were trafficking in forbidden technology, she was accidentally transported by the rays of a dimensional transporter known to her people as a Zeta Beam, which has been traditionally associated with DC's science fiction hero Adam Strange.

Season 3, Episode 11: The NFL playoff picture is starting to take shape as the Denver Broncos come to GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium lead by interim head coach Jerry Rosburg and quarterback Russell Wilson. The Kansas City Chiefs are held in check but Jerick McKinnon scores two touchdown and quarterback Patrick Mahomes breaks the 5,000 passing yard threshold. The Chiefs come out victorious 27-24 and they wait for the result of the Bills and Bengals game on Monday night. Unfortunately there is a tragic situation that occurs to Damar Hamlin, a Bill's safety, that results in the game being canceled. The Chiefs Vice President of Sports Medicine and Performance Rick Burkholder address the Chiefs staff and explains how he prepares the team for a long postseason run with the help of his fellow trainers Donald Glover and Tiffany Morton. The Kansas City Chiefs then travel to Las Vegas, Nevada to take on the Las Vegas Raiders. The team jumps out to a big lead with some fancy new formations. Cornerback Trent McDuffie is wired for a great game by the defense.

Season 3, Episode 10: The Kansas City Chiefs travel to Texas in Week 15 to take on the Houston Texans for a chance to win seven straight AFC West titles. The game goes into overtime but the Chiefs are able to pull out a win 30-24 thanks to a fumble recovery by Willie Gay Jr. and a long touchdown run by Jerick McKinnon. Rookie cornerback Trent McDuffie utilizes his day off to watch film and take notes on the upcoming opponent, the Seattle Seahawks. He reflects on his rookie year and prepares for the Chiefs Rookie Graduation. The graduation is also attended by the whole rookie class including George Karlaftis, Skyy Moore, Isiah Pacheco, and Bryan Cook. Winter weather strikes Kansas City as Christmas Eve falls on the Chiefs Kingdom. The Seattle Seahawks roll into GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium as the teams face-off in week 16. The Chiefs are victorious 24-10 due in part to incredible play by Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs defense who keep quarterback Geno Smith in check. Following the game Andy Reid is gifted a Christmas present of a double cheeseburger by Travis Kelce and the team. Trey Smith takes time this holiday season with his sister following the game and go to lunch at Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue. This episode features music by GRIZ. 041b061a72


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