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Lutron Homeworks Interactive Software Download

Athena is a connected lighting solution that increases in value over time. The system stays current with automatic software updates, downloading new features when they're made available - and offers you a future-proof way to engage with your lighting space.

Lutron homeworks interactive software download

I doubt you had the full complement of Vantage keypad styles and colors with which to makea valid comparison. There are four different keypad and button styles, two differentfaceplate styles with 10 standard finishes and unlimited custom finishes and 9 standardbutton colors. With choices like satin chrome, polished chrome, oil rubbed bronze, blackanodized, clear anodized, polished brass, almond, ivory, etc., it would be hard to fail tofind something to please almost anyone.Mike N., I think Vantage did release new control software recently but I don't think it'scompatible with the older Vision equipment. I wouldn't describe the new software as"arcane" You should download it from their website and compare it to what you arecurrently using.I have downloaded the Vantage software from their website and was very impressed with it'sease of use, clear and concise instructions and help files and the logical and orderlydesign and implementation. I would be surprised if the Lutron software (do they have any?)would be so slick.Again, thanks to everyone who provided an opinion.Mike

Typically the software is distributed to our dealers. Most homeowners arenot interested in the programming software. We do have a download page forour dealers, but if you are interested in it I can certainly send you somesoftware.


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